As a Physical Therapist I work with peoples bodies and muscles all day long and boy do I look forward to my time up in Tahoe when I get to spoil myself on Linda.  She can always find my trouble spots and understands where they are because of my job requirements.  After the massage session I can't plan anything because I am like melted butter.  - BH -

As a 20 year resident of Lake Tahoe, I spend a good deal of my time taking advantage of all the sports this area has to offer. It is not uncommon for me to overdo an activity and as a result, my body can suffer some consequences. That’s when I call Body Solutions for a tune-up. "... Linda Witherspoon has a healing, intuitive approach to getting me back into shape and ready for my next adventure. I never hesitate to recommend massage at Body Solutions since the relaxation experience there is always outstanding. After each session, I am refreshed, rejuvenated and reminded of how important it is to take time for myself. - MB - Lake Tahoe

I have been seeing Linda for several years. I initially started seeing her due to a chronic neck pain. I am a bookkeeper and spend most of my time working on the computer. I thought I was going to be forced find a new career because of the pain. After seeing her for a few visits the pain went away. I am a very stiff person and not limber by any means. I believe that by seeing Linda on a regular basis, my body is more flexible then it has ever been & I am in my early 50s! I recommend Linda a lot to other people and believe everyone should get regular massages. Thanks Linda! - SH -

I have been to many, many therapists throughout the United States and I feel Linda is the best! My husband and I have followed Linda Witherspoon for many years because of how great her massages are. To begin with she is warm and welcoming, and she can really zero in on the areas of your body that need the most work. She has an amazing way of doing deep pressure on the painful areas without causing pain! I love her "raindrop" therapies and the essential oils she uses. I admire Linda for constantly seeking knowledge and new techniques in her area of expertise. I can't wait for my next massage! - DKH -

The massage therapists at Body Solutions are talented professionals that bring much needed relief and support to their clients. They are able to create the atmosphere of relaxation and trust effortlessly as they reduce stress and support health from an experienced perspective. I have been so impressed with my results that I wouldn't dream of missing my weekly massage! VM - Lake Tahoe

I have been a fan of massage for over 20 years and when I was introduced to Linda Witherspoon 10 years ago, I knew I had met someone special. Not only is she an excellent masseuse for relaxation and mind clearing, she has also helped me through injury with her expertise in massage therapy. Though a pre-massage check-in and touch during the massage, Linda is sensitive to the needs of my muscles and adapts her technique to meet them.

As a person who exercises 4 to 5 days a week and competes in athletic events, it is important to me to keep my body fit but I am not as dedicated as I should be about the stretching aspect of fitness. Over the years, Linda has given me manageable exercises that I can do while at work or driving in order to keep my “tight spots” more limber.  Thus, when I schedule a massage, Linda is able to work on deeper muscle tissue and in turn strengthen my physical well-being.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced masseuse who keeps current with theories in the field of physical and mental well-being, you will find that person in Linda Witherspoon. I only wish I lived closer to Lake Tahoe so I could see her more often! - KF